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DRI Sleeper

Sensor for DRI Sleeper Excel

Sensor for DRI Sleeper Excel

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Our Urosensor™ goes right inside the underpants which is the best position for instant detection of urine leakage and it has sensing strips on both sides for maximum exposure to wetness. There are no metal contacts so it won’t corrode or deteriorate in urine.

The Urosensor™ measures 40 x 20 x 3mm (1.6 x 0.7 x 0.2 inches), long enough and wide enough for the first drops of urine to trigger the alarm every time. The cord measures 85cm (33 inches) so it can be worn by older and taller children.

The Urosensor™ is a consumable item just like earphones for an iPod or mobile phone. With reasonable care the Urosensor™ will last for many years. However, it will need replacing from time to time. Because the Urosensor™ is used by a child the exact life of the Urosensor™ is hard to predict. So, just as people often have a spare earphones on hand, our advice is that a spare Urosensor™ is a good idea too.

Safety electronics

The DRI Sleeper® Excel is powered by 4 x 1.5V batteries so it uses only a tiny current. With just a few microamps passing through the Urosensor™ for less than a second you can put the Urosensor™ on your tongue and trigger the alarm but you will feel nothing.  Furthermore, most wired alarms have a current passing through the sensor the whole time the alarm is beeping which can cause the urine to become acidic and irritate sensitive skin. With the DRI Sleeper® excel Urosensor™ once the alarm triggers, the safety electronics isolate it and no more current passes through the Urosensor ™. This means no risk of irritation to your child’s sensitive skin.

Care and cleaning of the DRI Sleeper® excel Urosensor™

The DRI Sleeper® excel Urosensor™ should be rinsed in warm soapy water and dried thoroughly before re-use. Do not use cleaners which are chlorine based or put the Urosensor™ in the washing machine or dryer as this will irreparably damage the sensing strips.

When not in use the Urosensor™ should be unplugged from the alarm to save battery power and stored safely with the alarm unit.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 75 reviews
Verity (Wellington, NZ)
Great tool for helping our daughter have dry nights

This was just the thing we needed to get our daughter having dry nights. It didn’t take too long to get it sorted and now we are nappy free!

Joanne B.
Great resource

I am really impressed with this product. Within 2 weeks, my son has quit having accidents. He is getting up in the middle of the night when he needs to. The only reason I chose a 4 star rating is because my son hated using this product. I think it scared him when it went off. It is very loud and would wake all of us up.

Tuomas M. (Helsinki, FI)

DRI Sleeper Excel - Bedwetting Alarm for Children

Jennifer G.
Worked like a dream!

Our 5 1/2 year old had never been dry at night and was starting to become very conscious of it and embarrassed. We had tried a few things like just going cold turkey for a few weeks but that was quite stressful for us all. We had some fun with the alarm when it first arrived as you can set it off with metal to test it. My little lad was quite excited to put it on. The first night it went off quite early - about 9:30pm. And by the time he was awake and realised what was happening he was fully wet. However, EVERY night after that we saw small changes and improvements, such as it going off later through the night, or him waking up quicker and making it to the loo for some of his wee. 5 weeks and he was completely dry. We are 3 months later and he hasn’t had a single accident. Absolutely life changing for us all. Amazing product.

Henna J. (Helsinki, FI)
Excel Special Package - includes extra sensor

This came fast and it has worked really well. I'm really happy.

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Button/Coin-type batteries are hazardous if swallowed. Read our battery safety guide.

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    Clinically Proven

    DRI Sleeper Bedwetting Alarms have up to a 90% success rate according to feedback.

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    Dedicated Australian Support

    With over 30 years experience helping children overcome their bedwetting, our Australasian team are there to help assist with your child's success and answer any questions achieve dry nights and answer any of your questions.

  • 2-12 week treatment time icon

    6-12 Week Treatment Time

    Typically, your child will achieve dry nights in 6-12 weeks using the DRI Sleeper Bedwetting Alarm. Plus, we're here to help through the whole process.

  • Kind to skin icon

    Kind to Skin

    Made of conductive plastic, DRI Sleeper Urosensors are gentle to even the most sensitive skin.